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The Role of Young People in U-Report Canada

Young people are at the heart of all things U-Report, not just responding to questions about their experiences, but leading the way in deciding the questions we ask. Poll topics are selected based on ideas from U-Reporters, U-Report Youth Ambassadors, and our Steering Committee members from youth-serving organizations. U-Report Ambassadors participate in the development of every poll to make sure the questions are relevant and important to young people.

U-Report Ambassadors also help grow the U-Report Canada community. There are now over 1000 U-Reporters in Canada, and Ambassadors play a big part in recruitment by raising awareness in their communities to encourage other young people to sign up. 

Ambassadors strengthen the impact of U-Report Canada by amplifying findings and sharing their perspectives on poll results and topics. U-Report Ambassadors have presented to influential audiences on many issues, including youth employment, healthy families, systemic racism, and COVID-19. Ambassadors also support U-Report Canada by developing content related to poll topics, like Jacob’s Youth Guide to Digital Safety or Arnav’s blog on finances. 

Young people helped build U-Report Canada and continue to help grow and guide it. As U-Report’s influence increases and the number of U-Reporters in Canada rises, the mission will stay the same: listen to and amplify the voices of young people. 

See by the numbers how we are engaging youth voices for positive social change.