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What is U-Report?

U-Report is a digital platform for youth that asks poll questions to get their perspectives on issues and decisions that affect them. It is an opportunity for young people to be part of the change they want to see in Canada and speak out on issues that matter to them.

UNICEF Canada develops poll topics and questions in collaboration with the U-Report Canada Steering Committee and Youth Ambassadors. Previous poll topics have included climate change, mental health, immigration, and the impacts of COVID-19.

U-Report Canada is free, confidential, and open to anyone ages 13-24.

There are more than 28 million U-Reporters in 95 countries. Join the community!

Who is U-Report Canada run by?

U-Report Canada is run by UNICEF Canada, with support from our Steering Committee members and U-Report Ambassadors. UNICEF Canada would like to extend our gratitude to our U-Report Ambassadors, and our Steering Committee members.

What is the impact?

U-Report Canada influences UNICEF Canada’s work through our domestic advocacy program. Results are used in our advocacy with government and policy-makers as well as in various reports and presentations, and UNICEF Canada shares young people’s opinions widely with our network.
Results from U-Report polls have helped create social, political, and legislative change for young people in Canada. Some of the issues and policies impacted by U-Report Canada include:
• Climate advocacy and the carbon tax. • Election advocacy including efforts to lower the voting age. • Consultations from Statistics Canada to measure poverty in Canada. • Advocacy for a national school food program.
Under the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, young people have the right to give their opinions freely on issues and adults are required to listen and take them seriously. U-Report provides an opportunity for decision-makers to hear directly from young people in Canada, and for young people to have a say in the issues that are important to them.

How do you protect young people’s privacy?
Your right to privacy is important to us.

U-Report is anonymous and confidential. We will never ask you for your full name, email, address, school name, parents’ names, credit card number, or social security number. Only U-Report Canada administrators can see your responses, and we only share a summary of collected data. Individual answers are sometimes used as quotes in reports and presentations, but any identifying information is removed.
U-Report is voluntary. You can opt out of participating in any polls. You can withdraw your participation in U-Report Canada at any time.

For more information on privacy, click here. To learn more about the journey of your data, click here. Can I contact U-Report Canada? You can contact U-Report at ureport@unicef.ca. Contacting us directly through U-Report Canada is not recommended, because it is not designed for two-way communication or providing direct support services to young people. U-Report Canada cannot be responsible for information received through the platform that we have not requested.

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